London - Fruit growers have bred a new species of blueberry that looks set to brighten up muffins and pies.

The so-called pinkberry has a bright fuschia colour – a far cry from the usual deep blue shade of the superfruit.

It’s exactly the same shape and size of a blueberry but tastes much sweeter than its slightly sour cousin. They are said to be ideal for eating raw, sprinkling on cereal, baking into cakes and for using in drinks.

Horticulturalists in the US spent 20 years breeding pinkberries through cross-pollination and selected the Pink Lemonade variety due to its sweet taste.

The bushes are now being imported to the UK for the first to be sold through Devon-based Suttons Seeds.

The bushes’ pointed leaves turn bright orange in autumn and produce pale pink bell-shaped flowers, which grow into translucent white berries in the spring. The fruits develop into a green shade and eventually turn bright pink when they mature in August and September. - Daily Mail