Peri peri chicken livers wrapped in bacon: Recipe

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Ultimate Braai Master creator and host, Justin Bonello with siblings, Tersia and Tarlan Baker, who are in the finals of this year's competition.Peri peri chicken livers wrapped in bacon
Peri peri chicken livers wrapped in bacon 
by Tersia Baker (Team Muttonheads)

Siblings Tersia and Tarlan Baker, have been are up there with the best in the show’s history. They are the favourites to win the competitionthis season.
Tersia, 29, and Tarlan, 26, grew up in Sydenham, a suburb in the heart of Durban. Team Muttonheads – the name they are known  forby in the competition – will be competing against two teams in today’s finale on at 4pm. 
Tersia’s love for cooking began at a young age while she was still living with her family before moving to Johannesburg. 
“My love for cooking began at home. Our family is big on food, my grandmother and mother are both amazing cooks. Being coloured gives you anthe advantage of being exposed to different cultures. My grandmothers are of Portuguese and Indian heritage, my aunts are Cape Malayan and just being a Durbanite has certainly influenced my style of cooking. I suppose the fact that I love food and am constantly eating also moulded my love for cooking,” she said

200g bacon
500g chicken livers 
60ml chutney 
60ml tomato sauce 
15ml soy sauce 
30ml olive oil 
15ml barbeque spice 
5ml peri peri spice 

Clean and wash the chicken livers.
Make the marinade by 
mixing together olive oil, barbeque spice, peri peri spice, chutney, tomato sauce and soy sauce.  
Marinadte the livers for about 30 minutes.  
Soak your skewers in water so they don’t burn on the braai.
Skewer the livers. Next wrap the bacon around the livers and skewers.
Braai over medium to hot coals until the bacon is crispy and the chicken livers are cooked through. 
Garnish and serve.
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