Gallery: Bring scent to your garden

Cape Town - There is nothing nicer than strolling through a beautiful garden that is bursting with colour, particularly if you can close your eyes and breathe in the heady perfume of fragrant flowers. The lingering scent is intoxicating and, depending on the time of day, has different perfumes.

PERFUME ROOTS: Plumeria rubra. Picture: SuppliedEXCELLENT FOR POTS: Gardenia Grandiflora Star. Picture: SuppliedENTERTAINMENT SPACES: Hellotrope-Poseidon-Blue. Picture: SuppliedEVERGREEN: Lavandula Stoechas. Picture: SuppliedSHRUBBY: Lonicera Honeysuckle. Picture: SuppliedFLAVOURFUL: Thymus vulgaris. Picture: Supplied

Traditionally, everyone associates fragrance with the rose, but there are so many other plants that tempt you to stop and smell them. Stodels nurseries offers some tips on how you can fill your garden with fragrant flowering plants.

“And some fragrant plants have additional uses,” points out Nick Stodel, managing director of Stodels. “A pelargonium, known as the ‘Mozzie Buster’, produces the smell of citronella oil which is excellent for repelling mosquitoes.

“There are so many plants that offer a variety of fragrances,” he says, “from smaller flowering ones to scented climbers, as well as the gorgeous sweet perfume of all the flowers of citrus fruits.

“Fill your world with fragrance this summer. Chat to one of our 43 horticulturists for advice and remember, where possible, keep your garden indigenous, not only are they beautiful and fragrant, but also water wise.”