Durban - The sink is a functional piece that plays a pivotal role in the culinary workings of any kitchen.

Today’s kitchen sinks come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, but there are three sink trends that stand apart from the others – namely the popularity of preparation sinks, butler sinks and sinks with customised inserts.

Jasmin Kraneveldt of Bathroom Bizarre explains:

The prep sink: Many homeowners have recently discovered the many advantages of installing a secondary sink, usually within the central kitchen island. These prep sinks are typically smaller than the main sink, and offer an additional workspace for other minor functions, such as offering a space for wine to chill, for washing hands or for washing vegetables or fruit.

The ceramic Butler sink: Otherwise known as apron sinks, butler or farmhouse sinks are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners looking to add some rustic, vintage-type style into their kitchens. These sinks boast an exposed front, which protrudes slightly from the front of the neighbouring cabinets. The bowl is typically deeper than traditional sinks, they usually don’t have a deck, and they are most often made of white glazed ceramic.

Sinks with customised inserts: The latest design improvements with regards to kitchen sinks, combines aesthetics with added functionality and ease of use. This is being done through the addition of various sink accessories, either removable or built-in, such as cutting boards, colanders, and drain trays. These high-quality accessories boast an exact fit and allow for food preparation over the sink for supreme hygiene and efficiency. It is also a clever way of increasing the size of the preparation surface, which is especially practical for smaller kitchens. - The Mercury