London - After the full-on glitz and glamour of the party season, it feels good to get back to a sense of calm and simplicity in our homes.

Now is the time to rethink our interiors with a careful edit of no-frills, classic pieces that won’t break the bank.

Perfectly harnessing this understated yet cosy mood is the colonial look: a mix of US-style rustic chic and artisan accessories spiced up for the 21st century with a dash of tribal print.

“This winter, there is a quiet charm to home interiors, in stark contrast to the trends of the past year,” says Theo Williams, design manager at John Lewis Home. “Customers want a look that taps into nostalgia and takes its inspiration from a time of innocence, celebration and optimism. The colonial style is perfect for this.”

One of the key spring/summer interior trends at is, in fact, called Colonial: handsome leather sofas are piled high with elephant and mosaic-print cushions while animal rugs and African masks add ethnicity.

It’s a laid-back look, with no hard-and-fast rules. Stick to a backdrop of neutral shades, but don’t be afraid to introduce shots of colour with soft duck-egg blues, tropical lime greens and even a splash of red.

Use ethnic prints sparingly: too many leopard and tiger patterns will leave your home looking like a zoo rather than providing the luxury and exoticism you’re after.

A statement piece is all you need,. Or shake up the colonial look for the 21st century with a glitzy silver or gold hide - glamorous enough to hang on the wall. - Daily Mail