Durban - A dance of light and colour will play out at a unique exhibit at this year’s Pietermaritzburg Sunday Tribune Garden and Leisure Show. From stained glass lamps to magical mosaics, Glasshoppers will showcase glorious glass decor ideas for any contemporary indoor and outdoor space.

Artists Wally and Jen Hailstone, owners of the Ladysmith-based art studio, give form to a range of original designer glass products.

“Growing trends in decorative glass are making their way into projects of all types – from homes to restaurants and airports to retail stores,” says Wally Hailstone, whose inspirational pieces incorporate the use of vibrant tints, fluid organic forms and innovative techniques.

“The overarching trend we are seeing in glass decoration today is infusing glass with creative designs, functionality and sustainability.”

When it comes to looking for exciting new decor ideas, stained glass can be an attractive focal feature within any home – adding grace and style, and increasing the value of any property.

“Stained glass is as practical as it is beautiful,” Wally explains.

“It will block out UV rays, protect furniture and carpets from fading in the sun, and can be opaque or transparent with hues of colour, making it an attractive solution for letting in natural light, yet maintaining privacy.”

At the heart of this illuminating business is a desire to become increasingly environmentally aware in terms of the three Rs of minimising waste and conserving resources – reduce, reuse and recycle.

“In light of this our cheeseboard creations and knife handles are slumped from not only off-cuts of glass resulting from other work, but also glass bottles collected from the dumps. These are cleaned, slumped and given a new lease of life in many a home and restaurant, as well as ordered by various craft shops.”

Perhaps you are looking for a special custom work of art? The Hailstones pride themselves on working directly with their customers during the creative process. “We can create almost anything you dream up – as long as it involves glass.”

Add some class with glass to your garden or home. Visit the Sunday Tribune Garden and Leisure Show at the Pietermaritzburg Royal Showgrounds from September 19 to 21.

Cate Rayner, The Mercury