London - What will you have on your new kitchen worktop. Wood? Granite? Marble? How about Formica?

Believe it or not, the hard-wearing ‘wipe-clean’ surface, synonymous with colourful Fifties kitchens, turns 100 this year and could be making a comeback.

Hip designers are starting to experiment with it again, according to the Homeinspiration website.

It was invented in the US in 1913 as an electrical insulator in place of expensive mica. (For mica, geddit?)

Once its potential for domestic use was seen, it was the must-have décor in the gloomy post-war years. But by the Seventies, it began to be replaced by the fashion for natural materials such as stone, wood and marble.

But Homeinspiration says 70 percent of homeowners still prefer a ‘good kitchen laminate’.

We just need a Formica that looks like granite. - Daily Mail