Gallery: Ideas for teen decor

Washington Post - Decorating a teenager's bedroom is an exercise in negotiation. Gone are the days when you could choose animal art or ballerina bedding without a blink from your little ones. Now those little ones are big, and they want teal walls and expensive, over-the-top furniture.

When redecorating, Mike Johnson, a designer at Lori Graham Design + Home in Washington first recommends trying to hear what your kids are really looking for. Then, strike a balance. Choose a neutral for the walls, for example, and incorporate that teal with accents that are easy to change, such as pillows, rugs and frames.

Bedding is one of the easiest ways to let teens express their style, and a reversible comforter gives them an extra option for changing the rooms look. Picture: Bed Bath and Beyond'Every kid that I have done a room for has wanted a beanbag chair' says designer Mike Johnson. Picture: Fatboy USAPBTeens Faceted Capiz Pendants offer a fun way to decorate with light in a teens bedroom. Picture: PBTeenThe Victorian-inspired Emily and Meritt Floor Mirror from PBTeen is made for girls who like experimenting with fashion. Picture: PBTeenIt's harder to find options for a boy's room than a girl's, but CB2's Shop Blue Chest has masculinity in its DNA, being inspired by tool cabinets. Picture: CB2Flor carpet tile comes in a huge variety of patterns and sizes and can be easily replaced if there are stains. Picture: Flor

“Kids get the process,” Johnson says. “They understand that it's their room, but that they have to compromise a little bit, that they're getting what they want, just in a different way.”

And though it's tempting to pick cheap furniture, knowing your kids leave the nest in a few years, Johnson recommends quality. Those same pieces can go with them to their first apartment or be the building blocks for a future guest room.

Instead of a battle of wills, the redesigning process can be a joy for all, says Nancy Guettier of PBteen. Because when done right, you get parents who know more about their teens' developing personalities and teens who want to be at home.

“A teen room is one of the most exciting rooms in the house,” she says. “They want to be creative and whimsical. They get out of their kid's room and get a place that lets them explore who they are.”

Expert picks for teen bedroom decor: