How do I choose an estate agent?

I am selling my house. What should I look out for when I choose an estate agent?

Adrian Goslett, CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, gives this advice for property buyers to consider:

For many, the search for the perfect property was over within days, with a quarter saying they spent a week or less looking at houses before settling on one. Credit: AP

Goslett notes that in order to get the most out of a property investment, buyers should look at all aspects, such as location and possible additional costs they could incur if they want to renovate the property. They should also investigate the maintenance costs.

There is a large amount of information on almost every town or city online, which includes types of properties and pricing. Using the internet and property search portals will save the buyer precious amounts of time and money.

But be aware it’s necessary to check that the internet sites you use have credibility. There is no editing of material out there, so go for sites that are associated with a professional, contactable body.

Goslett says that this is why it is important for property buyers to work with people they can trust. - Saturday Star