Belfast - Come rain or shine, there are some seriously stylish ways to prevent the sun's glare getting in your home, or keep dull grey out.

“Windows are the eyes to the world so it makes sense to dress them well,” said Sarah Quilliam, head of product design at Hillarys.

She believes that putting up a new blind, curtain or shutter can be a great start to adding or changing the style of a room.

It's important that window dressings make the most of the light while controlling its flow when shade is needed.

“If you're a fan of opening up your home during the warmer months and letting the light flood in then curtains are a great option,” said Sarah.

And you can maintain a feeling of summer all year round by choosing fabrics in light, fresh colours.

“It's a good idea to make sure the curtains reach all the way to the floor and are fully lined, this way when the cooler months arrive, you can pull them closed and keep the chill out - it may even save you a few pennies on the heating bill too.

“Shutters are also steaming ahead in the style stakes,” continued Sarah.

“Once all it took was the twitch of a net curtain, but now the UK's nosey neighbours are more likely to be peering through the slats of a shutter.

“With their sleek good looks and practicality they have many plus points giving privacy, light control, sound and draught proofing. And like a key piece of furniture, shutters stand the test of time as more homeowners opt to buy once and buy well rather than going for a fashion fix.”

Meanwhile, pleats are a massive trend in fashion this season and where the High Street leads, interior design invariably follows. So folded drapes are back in style. - Belfast Telegraph