If you must get a hangover...

Cape Town - ’Tis the season to be jolly!

Every night feels like a Friday night and every day like a long lazy Sunday afternoon. But with all the partying, every morning can feel like a Saturday morning after a night on the town.

'Memories of the excitement you felt in childhood come back, making it all the harder to deal with disappointment'. Picture: RAJESH JANTILAL. Credit: INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPERS

When you’re out having a good time and those caramel vodka shots are oh so yummy that you just have to have another one, the last thing on your mind is the dreaded “babalas” (hangover) that you’ll be waking up with the next morning.

Never mind how you wake up feeling, looking like death warmed up ain’t pleasant on the eye of the beholder you dragged home the night before!

Check out our hangover cheat sheet now and avoid the nauseous, achy, puffy-eyed grief in the morning.

Before the party

At the party

After the party

The morning after