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Brunch weddings are the latest trend, writes Marchelle Abrahams.

The fitness subculture has had ripple effects in other industries.

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Bosjes Chapel in Ceres.The Culture Club Cheese goes as far as making wedding cheese cakes.It’s also supposedly cheaper than a black tie event – but we’re not advocating your wedding, no matter what time of the day, be anything but chic. Picture: Pixabay

In the fashion world it brought sportswear into the mainstream and suddenly wearing yoga pants to lunch was acceptable.

These early birds pioneered the morning rave – dance parties with smoothies instead of alcohol – and so it is small wonder the breakfast or brunch wedding has become the latest trend.

It fits in perfectly with the clean food ethos and, to be fair, suits the South African climate incredibly well.

It’s also supposedly cheaper than a black tie event – but we’re not advocating your wedding, no matter what time of the day, be anything but chic.

“I’ve always loved the idea of a sunrise. It symbolises a new day, a new chapter in a person’s life,” says newly wed Rishana Gordon, who always envisioned a sunrise wedding.

Rishana and hubby Gareth said their “I do’s” at 6am sharp and thereafter went on to have the reception at 9.30am at the water’s edge at the One&Only, Cape Town: “I wanted to do things differently, so we decided to have a morning high tea, which suited our reception time perfectly. Our wedding day was totally different to any other wedding I have been to before.”

According to wedding planning experts, early weddings are in vogue. Even celebs are doing it. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are rumoured to have had a spectacular pre-wedding brunch for a select few, hosted by fashion designer Valentino Garavani at his Paris château.

Let’s frame it

The world is your oyster when it comes to choosing a theme.

“A brunch wedding is a wonderful opportunity indulge your guests with a decadent breakfast pancake station, or perhaps a gourmet coffee bar,” said Confetti Daydreams wedding blogger Storm.

Take away the extravagance of an evening celebration or late afternoon reception, and you’re left with countless choices from barnyard-themed nuptials to a laid-back garden party.

Think “delightful picnic baskets, lawn games and freshly squeezed fruit juices on demand”, said Storm, who also suggested using the money normally spent on a dance floor and bar to be spent on additional flowers, decor or even an extended honeymoon.

Selecting a venue

Erin Fick recently celebrated her nuptials at Bosjes Chapel in Ceres. She and her husband set up a glamping village for their guests which culminated in a Champagne breakfast and brunch after a weekend of celebrations.

Framed by the majestic Slanghoek and Waaihoek mountain ranges, the strikingly modern white curves of the roof of the glass-walled BOSJES Kapel (Chapel) is perfect as a wedding venue for couples who want that wow factor.

When it comes to venue hire, Storm had a few suggestions:

Have a clear vision of the ambience and type of food you wish to provide. Do you want fruity cocktails and canapés to be served in a private room at your favourite restaurant?

Perhaps you envision petit fours and tea in a garden setting, or a pancake and coffee station under large trees on the lawn of a wine estate?

Double check your preferred venue is able to cater to your specific tastes. If it is not able to offer the food or drinks you envision, find out of if it will allow you to bring in third party food and beverage caterers of your choice

Be sure to ask if there will be additional costs for doing so.

Let them eat cake!

When choosing a wedding a cake, be sure to stay away from fondant icings – some guests won’t be able to stomach rich treats that early in the day. Why not opt for a naked wedding cake adorned with fresh fruits and butter cream?

Charmaine Carstens from Charming Cakes suggested going for a cake that’s strong enough to support its weight for the rest of the day. “Make sure your wedding cake looks gorgeous throughout the day by opting for ganache on sponge or even a butter cream." She said too often couples go for flimsy designs where the icing ends up melting or props fall off.

What’s on the menu?

Stay away from the formalities and entertain your guests with quirky table activities. Martha Steward Weddings suggested table-side crossword puzzles which they can take home as mementos.

Say cheese!

The Culture Club Cheese goes as far as making wedding cheese cakes. These cheesy wedding cakes are the perfect alternative for couples who prefer a savoury option as the finale to their wedding celebrations. Cheesemonger Luke Williams selects the perfect cheeses – chosen to compliment each other in terms of texture and taste.

Come as you are

Unlike traditional ceremonies, brunch weddings seem to take on a more laid-back atmosphere. Gone are the stuffy morning suits and long floral dresses and we’re not only talking about the guests.

A brunch wedding excuses the bridal party from going over the top by opting for a more casual look, but this doesn’t excuse the bride and groom from dressing to the nines.

Party favours

Many couples are going for distinctive gifts for their guests that have special meaning for them.

Crafty DIY favours are big on the list, from stacked wedding cake cookies to mini jam jars of treats with personalised tags attached to them. Take a look at Pinterest for some inspiration and an array of ideas.

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