London - While other twins might share looks or mannerisms, Vicki and Valerie Darger have gone a step further - sharing a husband.

The 42-year-olds are in a polygamous marriage with Joe Darger, who also happens to be married to their cousin Alina.

Each wife has her own bedroom at the family home in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Darger, 43, alternates between them.

While Alina, 43, is his legal spouse, all three wives are equal in the eyes of their Mormon religion.

Vicki, who stays at home to help care for the 24 children in the family, said: “I know that some people are uncomfortable at the thought of two sisters sharing a husband.

“But there’s a good chance if a husband is compatible with one sister, he’ll be well matched with another.”

After a shared courtship, Vicki and Alina married Darger in a joint ceremony in 1990. They encouraged Valerie to become his third wife in 2000 after she divorced her first husband.

Vicki said: “I wanted her to join our family and have a happy marriage. In our culture it’s not uncommon for siblings to share husbands.”

Valerie, who works in the family cleaning business with Alina, added: “The fact that Joe was married to Vicki didn’t bother me. I took it as a sign he would be a good husband for me.”

Darger, who runs a construction firm, said: “We hope that by talking about our way of life, polygamy will step closer to being an accepted lifestyle.” - Daily Mail