10 sex mistakes men make

In no way is this a personal attack or vendetta against the male species.

Rather count yourself lucky that we care enough to share these misconceptions with you, creating a platform for discussion.

A man. Credit: Fonzie's cousin via Visualhunt

The outcome of such a conversation will only improve your sex life on the long run and force you to evaluate your current communication system with your respective partner.

Here are the 10 mistakes men make during sex:

· Having the misconception that foreplay isn’t of importance #thinkagainbuddy

· Assuming that all woman like it natural and bushy down there, fellas you are mistaken... #menshouldwaxdownthere #wellgroomedforthewin #clean

· Being self-absorbed and only focusing on your own pleasure #selfishmuch

· Indulges in sexual activity with a new partner forgetting that each female is different

· You assume that when you reaches your orgasm, she would have reached hers as well #itdoesn’talwaysworkthatway

· Being fixated with the size of your manhood (size is irrelevant, execution is essential)

· Asking her if she had an orgasm (if you have to ask, you already know the answer) #poorperformance #tryagainnextyear #betterlucknexttime

· Trying to perform anal sex in the heat of the moment and then pretending it was as accident when you realize she isn’t keen #lameass

· Assuming that you know it all and only wanting to have sex the way you see fit

· Thinking that a failed erection should be ignored – might be health related! #seekhelp