Durbanites have more sex - survey


Durban - The city of Durban has been rated South Africa’s sexiest city.

According to the results of a survey Durbanites have the most sex when compared to Cape Town and Johannesburg.

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Bikini clad models hand out sunblock at the corner of William Nicol and Sandton drive to promote Durban. Sandton, Johannesburg. 220610 - Picture: Jennifer BruceThe July issue of Women's and Men's Health magazines explores sexual practices in major cities across the country.

The survey, which is in its fifth year, was conducted by the Women’s and Men’s Health magazines.

It sampled 2 689 readers – 1 432 men and 1 257 women.

It found that men living in Durban were having sex on average more than twice a week.

Durbanites are having more sex than anyone else in the country, at an average of 2.3 romps a week. What’s more? Almost 30 percent of the Durbs dames rates their sex lives as “great”, unlike only 21percent of those in Johannesburg.

“It must be something about the perpetual bikini weather, because Durban ladies come out tops in body confidence too, with a quarter reporting that they are ‘very comfortable with their bodies’,” the magazine said.

The survey also found that 29 percent of Durbanites wanted sex in the morning.

Durban was also the second most “hard working city” after Bloemfontein, in a manner of speaking, because of the high number of respondents who admitted to engaging in sexual activity in the workplace.

“About 24 percent of Durbanites preferred the missionary position, which was also a favourite position across the board with men.”

Johannesburg has the most singletons with 25 percent, while 13 percent of Durban’s respondents said they were unattached.

More than 32 percent of Durbanites had cheated on a partner, but Pretoria held the pole position in this area with 40 percent

The survey found that the Mother City boastedf the largest number of women who have had 10 or more partners (24 percent). Durban notched up 16 percent on this score.

Last year Durban was also named South Africa’s “friendliest city”. Almost 58 percent of the city’s respondents admitted to having a “friends with benefits” arrangement.

Social media also seems to play an important role in sexual behaviour.

“One of the most revealing facts we’ve learnt from in the past year is that technology is playing an increasing role in meeting, flirting and courting,” Men’s Health editor Jason Brown says.

“Social media is a hotbed of sexual activity, especially with apps like Tinder – it’s changing the dynamics of the sex game. But, as we discovered, it’s no replacement for taking note of some key sexual skills in and out of the bedroom.”

Brown’s sentiments were echoed in a survey by infidelity website, which found that social media played a role in increasing the number of extramarital affairs.

The survey also found cheating was rife. Around 41 percent of women admitted they had cheated in the past (30 percent with friends and 19 percent with a stranger).

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