Men fake it in the bedroom too


London - In the film When Harry Met Sally, Meg Ryan famously showed how easy it is for a woman.

But it would seem that faking an orgasm is a skill which is not exclusive to females, as two surveys have shown that nearly a third of men admit doing it too.

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In the film When Harry Met Sally, Meg Ryan famously showed how easy it is for a woman to fake an orgasm.

Some 31 percent of men polled by Time Out magazine confessed to pretending – backing up a recent study from the University of Kansas which found that 28 percent had done the same.

Time Out stopped 100 people randomly on the street in New York to ask about their sex lives, while the university study saw psychologists quiz 180 men in their early 20s.

Experts say that pressure to perform and fear of failure can leave men with no option but to fake it. Others simply don’t want to hurt their partner’s feelings.

Dr Pam Spurr, a relationship expert and self-help author, said the pressure felt by men is also partly down to society’s “high-octane” portrayal of sex.

She added: “It goes to the heart of their self-definition of manliness if they feel they can’t live up to this. Some feel the need to prove themselves.”

Other experts say that men are forced to pretend because it is less acceptable for them to simply say that they are not in the mood.

However, it seems women are still more likely to resort to pretence.

While the University of Kansas study found that 28 percent of men had faked an orgasm, women were still in the majority as 68 percent of females said they had too. - Daily Mail

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