Caring for The Bump

In Pregnancy Awareness Week, four Durban midwives share the things they would like expectant mothers to know:

Sister Wendy Mackinnon, unit manager of the maternity unit at Life Westville Hospital.

Scientists at the University of Texas analysed amniotic fluid which surrounds the baby in the womb from 50 women in labour and 51 women at the end of their pregnancy but not yet in labour. Credit:

Sister Linda Glasson, Stork’s Nest co-ordinator at Netcare St Augustine’s Hospital

Lindsay Watkeys, sister at the Well Baby clinic at Life The Crompton Hospital, Pinetown

* Do not have a fixed idea of what your birth will be like. It is often not what you expect and it is better to go with the flow and accept what happens.

Cheryl Rowe, a private midwife in KwaZulu-Natal

Some pregnancy issues explained

Sister Lilian’s Pregnancy and Birth Companion sheds light on a few pregnancy topics: