Top 5 things to do on a long weekend

If you got in early with the leave form, you should be looking forward to a really long weekend at the end of April. IOL has some suggestions on what to do...

1. Party with half of Joburg’s population. In Durban

They then presented the adults with six positive scenarios, which included going on a hike or looking at a waterfall, to see how their past disrupted their enjoyment of present pleasures. Credit: INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPERS

2. Vegetate on the couch while watching TV series reruns, eating stale pizza and not taking a shower until your BO gives you a headache.

3. Take a hike... literally :)

4. Spontaneous road trip. Go where the road takes you but pack a tent in case everything’s booked up.

5. Pretend you’re a Masterchef contestant and cook up a few extravagant meals.. and then eat them. - IOL