London - Are you a snacker, a binger, or just too busy to make a healthy dinner?

All women have a dieting downfall that is defined by their “eating personality”, researchers claim.

They found would-be slimmers fall into one of seven types that determines their relationship with food when trying to lose weight.

The vast majority, 69 percent, said they were “rushers” – those who make bad diet choices because they are often on the go and do not have time to prepare proper meals.

These women, mostly office workers or mothers with young children, often resorted to ready-meals and takeaways.

The poll for money-saving website, asked 500 women aged between 20 and 65 how they would describe their eating habits when trying to lose weight.

Around seven percent said they were “pickers”, who snack in between meals, while six percent identified themselves as “bingers”, starving themselves all week before eating a huge amount over a very short period of time.

Just five percent were comfort eaters and four percent said their downfall was using food as a reward. The remaining four percent saw themselves as “socialisers”, piling on the pounds by going out drinking.

None viewed themselves as “settlers”, who put on weight during relationships by eating the same-sized portions as their partners.

A spokeswoman for said: “It’s too easy to grab food on the go now and although our intentions may be good, we don’t always pick the healthiest option.

“Once you fall off the dieting wagon, then it’s downhill all the way.

“Key is to plan ahead. So think about what you’re going to have for your three main meals – and yes, I mean three, don’t skip breakfast, and then plan the healthy snacks you can have in between.

“Replace the crisps with a handful of nuts, the chocolate bar with a piece of fruit and the fizzy drinks with a glass of water.” - Daily Mail