London - Next time you’re tempted to take the largest slice of cake, it is worth remembering that a piece half the size will leave you feeling just as happy.

At least that’s what researchers at a leading university in the US are saying – that smaller portions of snacks are just as likely to satisfy our hunger as larger ones.

Two groups of volunteers were quizzed about how they felt 15 minutes after eating servings of chocolate chips, apple pie, and chips.

One group was given 100g of chocolate, 200g of apple pie, and 80g of potato chips, all slightly larger than the recommended sizes.

This equalled 1,370 calories. The other group was given 10g, 40g, and 10g of the same foods respectively – a total of 195 calories.

The groups were then asked to rate their hunger and craving before the food was presented and 15 minutes after the tests ended.

The report published by Cornell University in New York state said: “Those given larger portions consumed 77 percent more food but they did not feel any appetite enhancing or stronger feelings of satisfaction than the group with the smaller portions.”

All the participants were given as much time to eat as needed, and were asked to fill out surveys to rate the liking, familiarity, and boredom with the food.

They were also asked to rate their hunger and craving before the food was presented and fifteen minutes after the taste tests ended.

Their report said: “The results remarkably showed that smaller portion sizes are capable of providing similar feelings of satisfaction as larger ones.'

The researchers added: “Overall, these findings reflect the importance of portion size.

“The smaller portions can lead to a decline in hunger and desire that would help people limit their food intake.

“So, next time you are craving a snack food, remember that you can feel similarly satisfied with one handful as you would with two!” - Daily Mail