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Johannesburg - There were some head-turning styles at SA Fashion Week, which started with the Sheer Glamour Collections of some of the country’s top designers – featuring garments and hair.

The show was put on by Fashion Week hair care sponsor Unilever, and featured eight key looks by the trend stylists for its two product ranges, Motions and Tresemme.

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U Nthato Mashishi ekhombisa indlela eqondile yokuziphaqulaHold-all On-trend BobHigh Volume GlamThe Sleek Braided BunVeil Queen CurlsRubiconCutterier by Yaz LaniVinoGert Johan Coetzee

The hairstyles complemented the Summer 2014 signature collections of the designers.

Matthew Mansoor created four styles for TRESemmé, using white models, for the garments of Clive Rundle, Black Coffee, Lunar and Joel Janse van Vuuren.

Mansoor’s clients include Jamali, local soccer stars Ryan Botha and Larry Cohen as well as Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty.

Nthato Mashishi developed four looks for Motions to complement the collections by Gert-Johan Coetzee, Cutterier by Laz Yani, Vino and Rubicon.

Sphe Mjadua, a Unilever PR manager, said it was exciting to see how the looks Mashishi created each season lived on long after the excitement of the ramp and the media hype, and were adopted by women for many months thereafter.

Mashishi is well known for creating looks for magazines such as Drum, Cosmopolitan, Destiny and Marie Claire as well as for celebrities such as songstress Lira and tennis power sisters Venus and Serena Williams.

In coming up with this season’s four big themes of Sleek, Hold, Volume and Curls, he was inspired by sources as varied as the drama of the 16th-century French court, the glamour of the red carpet, architectural structure and the sassy attitude of South African street style.

Here are his instructions on how to recreate the catwalk looks at home.


Veil Queen Curls

A look that is all about celebrity and movie star glamour, yet toned down enough to fit effortlessly into the on-the-go woman’s everyday lifestyle.

Get the Look

Step 1: Apply the Motion Extra Firm Hold Foaming Wrap Lotion and blow dry your hair on a medium heat.

Step 2: Curl your hair with tongs from the bottom, ensuring a tight curl.

Step 3: After curling each lock, use a clip to hold it up to help it set.

Step 4: Release the hair and use your hands to comb out.

Step 5: Use a curl comb to create a middle path and sweep one side of your hair to the other side, hold it with Motions Light Hold Working Spritz or clip it.

Step 6: Set it with spritz, then apply the Motions Oil Sheen & Conditioning Spray to give shine.


Hold-all On-trend Bob

A style inspired by the new red carpet trend towards a shorter, more structured mood for women who want the look without sacrificing their hair. For the bob to work, hair must be well hydrated, bouncy and shiny.

Get the Look

Step 1: Use curling tongs, curl your hair. If you use rollers with a good hair dryer, it is best to leave them in overnight.

Step 2: Use your hands to dismantle the curls.

Step 3: Use a comb to section your hair, starting from the ear and moving towards the front while holding your hair up.

Step 4: Apply Motions Light Hold Working Spritz and tease the bottom of your hair to create volume. You can also use hair extensions and tuck it in. Ensure use of Motions Marula Natural Hair and Scalp Oil for a glimmer.

Step 5: Part the hair in the front and slick using a cushion brush by smoothing it over the teased hair, and lock the style in at the bottom of your ears.

Step 6: Finish with Motions Oil Sheen & Conditioning Spray and Motions Light Hold Working Spritz spray from an arm’s length away from your hair, ensuring to not use too much product.


The Sleek Braided Bun

Inspired by the braids of Louis XIV and the 16th-century French court as well as contemporary South African plaiting, the Bun Queen is a fabulous blend of historic precision and street style joie de vivre.

Get the Look

Step 1: Wash hair and blow dry.

Step 2: Comb hair, parting it into two sections from the one ear to the other.

Step 3: Braid the bottom section from the bottom towards the crown.

Step 4: After braiding, take the top section from the front to the centre and slick it down. You can use a hair piece to achieve a larger bun.

Step 5: Slick your hair down with the Motions Shine Enhancing Pomade, making sure it holds to give a finishing look.

Step 6: Spray with the Motions Light Hold Working Spritz to finish it off.


High Volume Glam

Eccentric and bold – a structured and architectural style that is exceptionally easy for the high-fashion diva to achieve.

Get the Look

Step1: Wash and condition hair.

Step 2: Apply Motions Nourish Leave-in Spray according to the length and thickness of your hair

Step 3: Blow dry your hair.

Step 4: Apply Motions 3 in 1 Dry Scalp Treatment which has mint that soothes your scalp.

Step 5: Take your comb and section your hair into two sections, one on each side, leaving enough hair at the back.

Step 6: Braid each side, starting at the bottom and working your way up.

Step 7: The hair you left at the back is used to create the quaff. The front part you tease to build body with a Motions Light Hold Working Spritz. Leave a piece in the front to give curl, grip with pins. If you want to exaggerate the look, you can use extensions.

Step 8: Tuck the back-sectioned hair under the teased hair to create the quaff. The trick of this look is to balance the quaff.

Step 9: Spray hair with a combination of Motions Light Hold Working Spritz and Motions Oil Sheen & Conditioning Spray to give shine, spray from an arm’s length away from your hair, ensuring to not use too much product.

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