London - Driven in a quest for the perfect skin care product, women are often all too ready to shell out on the latest creams and ointments.

As a result it seems that up to £964-million (about R12,2-billion) is spent on potions that will then be left gathering dust.

On average, British women waste three quarters of the items they buy, a report shows. Women typically own eight products - but use only two. One in seven admits to hoarding products more than three years old.

The biggest wasters are women aged 18 to 34, who buy the most and keep more opened bottles which they no longer like or use.

More than one in five in this group owns as many as 20 products.

The fear of wrinkles and blemishes becomes apparent by the age of 25 when women spend more. A fifth of 25- to 34 year-olds confesses their selection costs at least £150.

But spending falls by 55, suggesting this group is happy in their skin or have found creams they prefer.

Those aged 65 plus spend the least on skin care, according to researchers at Vaseline - just £50.80. - Daily Mail