London - Most women would say they can’t leave the house without it. Many men might argue they can’t leave the house, at least on time, because of it.

And now a survey has revealed exactly how long ladies really spend applying their make-up.

According to the poll, the average woman devotes 91 hours a year to perfecting her face – that’s roughly 43 weeks of her life.

Almost a third of women admit they would like to reduce the time they spend applying make-up, but only 13 percent have the confidence to leave the house “bare-faced”.

Nine percent of women said there was nothing that would make them go out make-up free with one percent even admitting to applying it before going to the gym, according to the poll of 1,020 women by St Ives facial scrubs.

And concerns over appearance are no longer contained to real life, with eight percent of women admitting to spending at least 30 minutes a week digitally altering images of themselves on Facebook. - Daily Mail