London - Nightingale-dropping facials, snake-venom injections, even snail-slime moisturiser - you name it, a celebrity has tried it if it claims to halt the ageing process.

Now sheep placenta and gold-leaf facials have reportedly earned the approval of Victoria Beckham.

The former Spice Girl is said to pay £320 (about R4 000) a time for the 90-minute treatment by Beverly Hills dermatologist, Dr Harold Lancer.

Dr Lancer harnesses sheep stem cells and mixes them into a gel with gold flakes.

The protein-rich cells fight damaged skin by boosting collagen and moisture levels.

“Patients report decreased wrinkles and a glowing complexion,” claims Dr Lancer.

No word, however, on whether the treatment could bring a smile to Posh’s face. Now that really would be miraculous. - Daily Mail