The secret of beautiful braids


London - Braids have been huge this year, worn by everyone from Kirsten Dunst to Diane Kruger.

Perfect for New Year’s day, this hairdo will make you look like you spent hours in a salon.

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Diane KrugerKirsten Dunst

1 Try this on day-old rather than freshly-washed locks. Spray on a glossing treatment on then part to one side.

2 Divide a thick section of hair either side of your parting into three, and loosely plait, making sure to keep volume at the roots. Secure and repeat on the other side. Spray with hairspray.

3 Gather the rest into a low ponytail and secure tightly. Grab the end of the ponytail and twist it into a bun, or double it over and pin. Spritz again with hairspray.

4 Now pin the plaits behind your ears, teasing out strands around your face. If your hair is long enough, wrap one plait around the base of the bun to conceal the band.

5 Hairspray and gently tease the roots for volume. This look works best with simple make-up and rosy blusher. - Daily Mail

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