London - Wonky nose? We can come to terms with it. Terrible teeth? Tolerable. Big bottom? Bearable.

But love handles are a different story entirely, it seems.

Hard-to-shift fat on the hips is the biggest body hang-up among women, according to a study.

And many are so self-conscious about their love handles that they are prepared to resort to cosmetic surgery to get rid of them.

They top the list of the most irritating imperfections, followed by muffin tops (fat on the stomach), saddle bags (fatty outer thighs), bingo wings (fatty upper arms) and flabby inner thighs.

The results reflect the changing shape of British women, with the “apple’”type – who store fat around the middle – now more common than big-bottomed “pears”.

Donnamarie McBride, co-founder of Harley Street cosmetic clinic Lovelite, said that more than two-thirds of women who come in for fat removal treatments want to target fat on their stomachs, hips and the sides of their torsos.

She added: “We’ve noticed for a long time that women are self-conscious of their hips and want to lose their love handles.

“Fat on the hips can be the most noticeable, and is hard to disguise if trying to keep up with the latest fashion for skinny jeans and body con dresses.

“Women will always focus on parts of their body that they don’t like, it’s almost in our DNA to obsess over these things.”

Earlier this year a survey found that more than half of British women admit to being so bothered about their ‘bingo wings’ that they would trade in their designer shoes in return for a pair of perfect arms.

And even celebrities are not immune from the obsession, with model Kelly Brook grumbling about her “wobbly” arms – despite regularly being voted as having the best bikini body.

Slender singer Cheryl Cole has complained about her legs, saying: “I’m terrible. I don’t like my legs. I haven’t got much of them for a start.”

And American actress Katherine Heigl, who starred in Grey’s Anatomy, has admitted that her thighs are her “obsession”, saying: “I think they’re very fat. This is the only part of my body which I have no control of.”- Daily Mail