Are Uggs on the way out?


London - At last there’s news that the popularity of Uggs, the sheepskin boot of choice for Wags and Towie stars, is waning.

Figures released last week by Uggs’ parent company showed a 31 percent drop in profits.

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Figures released last week by Uggs' parent company showed a 31 percent drop in profits.

And although the firm is putting this down to milder weather, sartorial watchers (and men, who put them in their top 10 women’s wardrobe hates) amongst us will be hoping that the vogue for sexless footwarmer-style boots is on the way out.

It was California’s favourite surfer girl Cameron Diaz who brought them to prominence in 2001. In the UK and America they’ve become a yummy mummy uniform, worn around town, out to dinner and even - heaven forfend - under wedding dresses!

But it is not all doom and gloom for the brand.

This season’s leather range is chic and different. Having never owned a pair before I’m hoping to receive the heeled suede Calynda boots for Christmas this year. So there may be life in the old Ugg yet. - Daily Mail

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