London - Get ready to suffer from a dose of Saturday Night Fever because the John Travolta look is back, warns a new survey.

A reported three quarters of men in Britain are now opting to show off their chests – and their chest rugs – on nights out.

Taking style tips from boy bands like JLS and The Wanted, 75 percent of men say they regularly wear their shirt with three buttons undone when out on the town with friends, department store Debenhams found.

And 41 percent of men will go as far as to risk going four buttons down to show off their so-called “he-vage” – a daring look known in the upper echelons of this style set’s members as the deep-V.

In contrast, women are covering up their cleavage in favour of more modest styles that button up to the neck.

A total of 64 percent of women told Debenhams that they now regularly button up their blouses on a night out. Three quarters of those surveyed insisted they would rather show legs over cleavage as they feel it looks sexier.

Sales at the department store support the survey, with Debenhams reporting a surge in sales of high-buttoned blouses and roll necks – an increase of 33 percent compared to last year.

Women setting the trend for the buttoned-up look include Kristen Stewart, Leighton Meester, Pippa Middleton and Victoria Beckham.

Ed Watson, spokesperson for Debenhams, said: “The lack of cleavage and rise of he-vage on display across the UK on a Saturday night is certainly not a look we would have predicted.”

So what do the ladies think of it?

“Depends if their chest is hairy or not,” says Elena, a PR manager. “If it is, there’s definitely a case for less is more.”

“Disgusting,” said Marta, 30, a writer. “It makes me feel sick. Especially when men wear a V-neck sweater with no shirt. It makes me want to go and hurl. On a shirt, two buttons is just about OK. Three is a step too far.”

Stylist Didi, 32, said: “I love a guy who can rock a deep-V. If they’ve got the chest hair – yes, I am a fan, on the right guy – and the charisma to pull it off, it’s really sexy. Just be sure to say no to the medallion.”

“I’m much more of a fan of the buttoned-up look on guys,” said Elizabeth, 26, a press officer. “Slim fit is good if they have the physique to match. It’s my pet hate when a man’s top is so low you can see his belly button.”

“If you’re a man with a good chest, then be proud to flaunt it,” said Vicky, 25, a public relations officer.

“However, don’t go too low and if you have Chewbacca chest hair then it’s not the right look for you.” - Daily Mail