London - It’s the kind of common sense you’d expect from one of Britain’s foremost businesswomen.

Rather than spending hours agonising over diets, Karren Brady says she has simply learned how to dress herself slim.

The Apprentice star revealed she is a “good size 12”, but by picking the right outfits she can shave off 10lb.

“When I was younger I spent my whole life wanting to be tall and skinny. And because I wasn’t, I was disappointed,” she said. “The great thing about getting older is that I’ve come to accept my shape – and embrace it.

“The other great thing is I’ve stopped making the fatal mistake of following fashion – I now try to follow what suits me.”

The 43-year-old said she tends to opt for 1960s-style dresses as they flatter her figure, explaining: “If you understand what suits you, the right outfit can shave off ten pounds – for me that very much means in at the waist and then out.” Miss Brady, the vice-chairman of West Ham United, added that she had stopped denying herself the things she likes.

“The constant thought it must take to be thin would be a full-time job in itself,” she said in an interview with Woman & Home. “I’ve been to some very glamorous parties where there are some very beautiful – and very thin – people.

“Then along come the canapés. I love all that – I’ll have as many as I like! But they don’t touch a canapé or have a drink.” - Daily Mail