London - When it comes to looking thinner, it seems that some women will do anything to shift a few pounds – except go on a diet.

Two-thirds of women feel they could do with losing weight but don’t have the time or the inclination to diet, a study found.

Instead they will try tricks such as wearing black, applying fake tan and carrying an oversized handbag in an effort to look slimmer.

But the most popular cheat was wearing control underwear.

Other tricks include donning stilettos to add height and wearing big sunglasses to make their face look smaller, the survey of 2,000 women found

Long tops to cover rolls of fat, big belts and high-waisted trousers are also worn by many to make themselves appear slimmer.

Nearly 90 percent of the women who took part in the study said they used such tricks.

Four in ten women said they own shape-wear underwear that holds you in and flatters your shape, while a similar number said they would rather use clever make-up and fashion techniques than invest their precious time in the latest fad diet.

The study carried out by online retailer Marisota also revealed 11 percent of women use excess make-up to draw attention away from their body.

A spokesman said: “Most women know what suits them and can dress accordingly to their shape and size, but a few of the tricks in this poll are bound to help. Wearing heels, putting your hair up and wearing underwear that emphasises your figure are all known ways to elongate your figure and look slimmer.”

She added: “This research shows some of the lengths women go to to look as good as they can.” - Daily Mail