Ripped, distressed, skinny, high-waisted and white washed – denim is the most versatile thing in your wardrobe. It is also makes 365-days-a-year items that can be worn, up or down, and with just about everything that you own.

Right up there with thick scarves and slouchy sweaters, denim is essential for your winter wardrobe. There are countless ways to do denim, from shorts – yes, denim shorts in winter – to jackets and button-up shirts. Chances are you have a few tried-and-true blues in your closet. The Cape Argus took to the streets to find out how six Capetonians styled their outfits. - Nontando Mposo


* Lydia Levendal, 21, from Gardens, wears denim shorts from a Cape Town vintage shop. “I prefer jeans from vintage shops because they are usually better quality, cheaper.”

* Arnaldo O’Shea, 29, of Green Point, wears dark jeans from French brand APC. “They are made of raw Japanese cotton and you are not suppose to wash them for a long time, to maintain their look.”

* Kauthar Jacobs, 19, from Mitchells Plain, bought her vintage ripped jeans from Mr Price. “I like the laid-back vintage denim look and that a good pair of jeans goes with just about everything.”

* Edwarren Jameson, 23, wears jeans from Markham and a denim jacket from Topshop. “I like to mix and match denim, one shade lighter than the other,” he says. “Black denim is the colour for this winter – from the washed-out look to the plain black.”

* Lerato Mapoga, 24, of Observatory, is wearing Barrington Jeans, which she inherited from her mother. “Most of my jeans are vintage as I collect them from my mother’s closet. “I have 10 to 15 (pairs of) jeans, of which five are denim overalls.”

* Jade Adams, 19, of Mitchells Plain wears skinny jeans from LEGiT. “I was in a hurry this morning and just threw everything on. A lot of people are wearing black denim now. I‘m in love with this denim jacket with a hoodie I saw the other day – I want that for winter.”

Cape Argus

Pictures: Cindy Waxa