She must have been determined not to be upstaged at her own premiere. For Diane Kruger wore an amazing technicoloured dress at the showing of her programme The Bridge in Los Angeles on Monday.

The 37-year-old former model showed off her legs bu the dress was still modest as it featured long sleeves and covered her up all the way to her neck.

She completed her look with a clear plastic handbag.

A host of other big names turned out for the event including her leading man Demián Bichir, while Stephanie Sigman and Emily Rios caught the eye in revealing red carpet ensembles.

Diana has proved to be a hit as Detective Sonya Cross in the show based on the US-Mexico border, but she admits playing the lead character in a show in which characters are routinely killed off does have its setbacks.

She said: 'I wouldn’t get attached to anyone on the show. Trust me, when I do, they’re killed in the most horrific way.

'There’s lots of murders this year. It feels darker, less procedural, less of us going to the police station and talking about police stuff.

It feels like our personal lives as characters are getting mixed up in this world that is happening on the border and things go really gray.

'In season two as we delve more into character, rather than the procedural side, the actual cop work- of course, that continues to be in the show.

'But as we explore our characters' grayer sides the show, to me, continues to become more complex and more interesting.'

The second season of the show started in the US this week. – Mike Larkin, Daily Mail