I understand that the chill is settling in for a long and successful winter in beautiful South Africa.

One thing is for sure – on the back of the phenomenal collections that circulated the runways at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Joburg, everyone can celebrate South African creativity in style.

The crisp, cold weather is the perfect 3D canvas to play with the nude tones and hues, soft pastels and washed dark tones of grey, military green and navy blue.

Refurbish your lace pieces and make them into tights or bolero jackets lined with a contrasting winter fabric like velvet or, for the adventurous at heart, use your lace as edging to an über chic turban headpiece.

A new and very popular work item that can be easily dressed up or down is a waist-high pair of trousers that narrows at the foot and has a solid waist band.

This will look great peeking out of a coat, paired with a simple shirt or tucked into boots.

You get to love lace in all colours and pair it with all your winter wonder wears.

Another of this season’s bonuses is the revival of the cape. High collared, hooded, long and short, red or not, hoods are in and hot.

As versatile as your LBD (little black dress), you can wear a hood with absolutely anything.

As a seasonal buy, consider the colour carefully before purchasing and ask yourself the “three big buy” questions:

1. Do I have shoes to match?

2. Do I have accessories to match?

3. Do I plan on buying shoes or accessories to match?

If your answer was “yes” to two out of those three questions, you can be confident that you are making a good choice. Try that with everything you buy.

I am sure you have created the space you need in your wardrobe for the winter bulk – unpacked your stored items and lifted the lids on the boxes that your boots have been in.

Remember to prep all your special-care items like suedes and fur, particularly for the wet weather.

Aldo has a fabulous suede protector spray that prevents water damage to boots. I coated my knee-high suedes in it and they did extremely well withstanding the London rain.

Set aside one morning to prep your winter wear to be pulled out and sported when needed.

Make your winter wonderful looking fashionable and fabulous. - The Mercury