Back to drawing board for Bentley SUV


Bentley's EXP 9 F SUV concept shocked the motoring world when it was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show last week.

We said it looked like a cross between a London Taxi and an old-fashioned school bus and compared to some of the other comments we've seen from around the globe, we were being quite polite.

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The Bentley EXP 9 F concept is reportedly being redesigned. We hope they lose the ugly stick.Redesigned Bentley will look more like a traditional SUV.

Clearly it hasn't been much of a hit, then, and now Bentley is reportedly going back to the drawing board on this one.


According to Whatcar? magazine, a source at Bentley has admitted that the design is a bit “heavy handed” and that another design is being worked on.

This person also said that the revised design will be less retro and that the headlights will be a bit smaller and positioned more inward. Furthermore, the new Bentley's proportions will be more in keeping with a traditional SUV.

The redesigned concept is expected to spawn a production model in 2015, which will share its platform with the next-generation Audi Q7 SUV.

The original concept vehicle we saw last week is powered by a six-litre twin-turbo V12 that can be tuned for up to 450kW and 800Nm, however the production model is also expected to offer some more frugal options, including Bentley's recently-launched V8 and, perhaps, a hybrid drivetrain.

If the concept is anything to go by, the Bentley SUV will also have an extremely luxurious and innovative interior, equipped with the likes of a business centre mode with a tablet and fold-down keyboard, hand-stitched saddle leather seats, specially-made picnic baskets and table that extend from the boot on rails and even an extendable awning for the tailgate.

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