Fiat's Bigfoot Panda - it's for real!


Fiat's innovative TV ad campaign for the new Panda, using the slogan “New Panda, extremely Panda” includes ads where a Panda transforms into a scooter for round-towning and a light cargo aircraft for delivering the goods - but the latest 'transformation' is the most impressive - and the most challenging - because it's for real.

There's nothing digital about the Panda 4x4 Monster Truck you see here; it's for real, a one-off, fully functional bigfoot-type 4x4 built for the ad by Fiat, in collaboration with set designer Andrea Faini and the Fabio Gementi Workshop.

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Panda Bigfoot is actually based on a Jeep CJ7 platform.Miniature monster runs 1.5 metre tyres, half a metre wide.

It's actually based on Jeep CJ7 platform, running on road tractor wheels with “High Speed” tyres, each 1.50 metres in diameter and half a metre wide, on specially turned solid steel hubs.


Gementi built the Bigfoot Panda - which stands almost four metres tall, 3.8 metres long and 2.5 metres wide - in just two weeks, complete with adapted steering, clutch, accelerator and brake controls, so everything works.

The Fiat Panda Monster Truck will star in a TV commercial created by the Leo Burnett agency, in which four friends set off for a weekend in the mountains in a standard Panda 4x4.

When they hit the snow the Panda transforms into a Monster Truck and climbs easily up to the hostel - but when the driver gets out he ends up falling two metres into a snowbank, to the amusement of his friends.

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