Mopar unleashes 1471kW monster truck


Auburn Hills, Michigan - If you're a die-hard bakkie fan, we'd bet that few things get your blood pumping quicker than the sight of a monster truck devouring everything in its path.

And as far as monster trucks go, you don't get much more impressive than the new 'Mopar Muscle,' which is based on a 2014 Ram Heavy Duty truck. You dare call it a bakkie and it'll flatten you before you can wipe that smirk off your face.

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The Mopar Muscle truck weighs 4627kg, but it has some serious Hemi power.Hall Brothers Racing driver Mike Miller poses with his new beast.Driver Mike Miller is so passionate about Hemi engines that he even named his son Hemi.Hall Brothers Racing driver Mike Miller poses with his new beast.

Bolted together by Chrysler parts division Mopar, the not-so-gentle giant will be taking part in the US Monster Jam series, which kicks off in Detroit on January 11. In fact the Mopar Muscle brings some much-needed fresh metal to the arena as it's the first new truck to join the Monster Jam series in more than a decade.

It stands tall - 3.05 metres above the ground - and weighs 4672kg but not to worry, it's got one 'monster' of an engine.

Beneath the bulging bonnet is a 9.3-litre supercharged version of Chrysler's Gen II Hemi engine and in this guise it pushes 1471kW.

The Mopar Muscle will be raced by the Hall Brothers Racing team, and will be driven by Mike Miller - a man that's so passionate about Hemi engines that he named his son Hemi!

"The iconic HEMI engine has won a lot of races across many categories in motorsports, and I intend to add to that list," Miller enthused.

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