Tunnel-of-fire riders try for 85m

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Veteran Gauteng stuntmen Enrico Schoeman and Andre de Kock are preparing for an attempt on their own world record for riding a motorcycle through a tunnel of fire.

They set the current benchmark of 73.5 metres with their Kawasaki-powered Australian Sidecar in Vaalwater in 2011 and will return to the Limpopo town in August to take on a tunnel of 85 metres.

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Enrico Schoeman, left, and Adnre de Kock with their Kawasaki-powered Australian Sidecar racing machine.Schoeman and De Kock on a previous tuinel-of-fire run at Tarlton.

Schoeman (55) and De Kock (58) did their testing at the recent Rand Show, running the 1270cc machine through a series of 25-metre tunnels.

They will ride a final test run in the parking lot of the Brakpan Carnival Mall at 6pm on Saturday, 16 June.

The run will be part of a full programme of Youth and Fathers Day festivities at the mall, with spectator admission free, gratis and for nothing.


Shoeman said: “After catching fire properly on two occasions, we have a healthy respect for this game, so we have found some valuable partners to help make it successful and (sort of) safe.

“Khalanga Engineering Projects will build the tunnel; they've come up with a safer way to build the tunnel than before, using steel frames, three layers of cardboard and a rich mixture of petrol and diesel.”

The Kawasaki has been fine-tuned by KCR Motorcycles to make sure it doesn't pick up problems at some life-threatening part of the run.

And First Race have come up with new fire-retardant racing suits and underwear, after their previous suits suffered fire damage at the Rand Show.

The bike has been painted pink, as part of a cancer awareness project, and Saturday's run will be done in conjunction with a charity project at the Carnival Mall, in collaboration with East Rand Stereo, to collect blankets and tinned food for the less privileged.

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