New York - The Chevrolet Cruze is nearing the end of its life-cycle, with an all new version expected to appear before 2016, but that hasn't stopped Chevrolet from giving the current Cruze a final spruce-up to see it off into the sunset.

The main styling changes take place at the front end, where the Cruze gains a bolder 'dual-port' grille inspired by the latest Malibu, as well as a few new exterior colour options.

Inside, Chevrolet has moved a few switches around and increased the number of colour scheme options. US models also offer enhanced connectivity through new features like text message alerts, Apple Siri integration and the latest OnStar 4G LTE with available wifi hotspot.

The engine line-up remains unchanged, with Chevrolet offering the choice between a normally aspirated 1.8-litre and turbocharged 1.4-litre petrol, both with 103kW on tap, and a 2-litre turbodiesel.

While at present the facelift has only been announced for the US market, we are currently awaiting word on whether the changes will filter through to the Korean-built South African models.