Citroën DS4 Racing - the wild twin


There are lots of things you could call the Citroën DS4 crossover - chic, stylish, elegant, distinctive, fancy-schmancy - but a serious driver's car is not one of them - even if you order the pleasantly rapid 147kW version.

Then the status quo upholders at Citroën turned their heads for a minute and the company's racing division got hold of one and created this beast - the DS4 Racing Concept - and Citroën will be showing it off at the Geneva Motor Show early next month.

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DS4 unleashes its wicked side with this concept called the Racing, with aggro styling and 191kW.

It's strictly a concept car for now, but we wouldn't put it past Citroën to build a limited run like the company did with the DS3 Racing.

And there won't be any mistaking this for a standard DS4 thanks to its textured-effect matt grey paint, carbon fibre front splitter, air diffuser and wheel arch extensions as well as 19-inch two-tone rims.

Citroën Racing also spent some quality time with the DS4's 1.6-litre turbopetrol engine, the result being an output of 191kW to give it the highest specific output that a Citroën engine has ever produced - 119kW per litre.

Engineers modified the chassis, brakes and running gear too, also lowering the car by 35mm and widening the track by 55mm at the front and 75mm at the back.

Despite having unleashed this car's wicked side, Citroën claims to have kept the carbon footprint relatively decent - this DS4 emitting just 155g/km of CO2 on the combined cycle.

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