More French flair for Peutroën C107


Meet the new Peutroën C107. We would have written separate stories about the facelifted Citroën C1 and Peugeot 107, but the two are so similar that you'd have ended up cursing us for a cut-and-paste job.

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Upgraded Peugeot 107 sports a more mature face.Citroen C1 twin goes for a more cute and cuddly attitude.

However, despite sharing body shells, interiors and mechanical components, the two French city cars have different front-end styling, and this becomes even further entrenched with this makeover.

So both have a completely new front bumper, housing LED daytime running lights. In the Peugeot's case, we see a more mature face inspired by that brand's latest design language, while the Citroen takes an approach that its more feminine customers would describe as 'cute and cuddly' with its rounder shapes.

The previous glass tailgate design with high-mounted vertical taillamps is retained on both models, the only difference being that the C1 receives the latest Citroën chevron badge.

The two city cars continue to be powered by the Toyota-designed 1-litre VVT-i petrol engine that puts out 50kW and 93Nm, but efficiency has been improved, resulting in the CO2 emissions figure dropping from 105g/km to just 99g/km. Neither press release elaborated on how this was achieved.

On the features front, the 107 and C1 get various equipment upgrades and some bright new colours, but these may differ from the specification that will be offered when the cars reach South Africa.

Seeing as the new-to-South-Africa Toyota Aygo is also based on the 107/C1 platform, expect the little Toyota to be upgraded sometime soon.

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