By: IOL Motoring Staff

New Delhi, India - Ford's global small car puzzle is coming into place with this latest concept, which shows us that there will be a sedan version of the next Figo.

Ford has yet to mention a Figo hatchback, but assuming that Ford retains that option, the Figo hatch will most certainly be formed around the new Ka Concept that was revealed in Brazil last year.

The Figo Concept is based on this Ka Concept and adds a small, stubby boot lid to the equation. Given that sedans of this size are almost always look like an afterthought of sorts, Ford appears to have done a decent job of creating a well-integrated three-box sedan that should meet its objective of being a "long-lasting design that's clean and elegant."

This Figo shares its front end with the Ka Concept, which stands apart with its large Aston Martin-like trapezoidal grille and elongated headlights.


The four-door Figo concept measures less than four metres in length and it aims to bring "advanced technology and clever design" to India and other emerging markets.

Interior images remain elusive, but according to Ford it is filled with innovative stowage spaces and has a 'device dock' that seamlessly integrates phones, MP3 players and satnav systems into the car's entertainment system.

No word on what will power the new Figo, but Ford India's 82kW 1.5-litre petrol engine seems like an obvious choice, along with a smaller petrol option and a turbodiesel or two.

Ford South Africa is remaining tight-lipped about the Figo's future, but it seems inevitable that we will receive a new Figo hatch, if not a Figo sedan or both after they come on stream in India later this year.