GTI heart for new Seat Ibiza Cupra


Let us apologise to South African motorists in advance because this is another one of those “look what you can't have” launch reports.

But in case you still harbour an ounce of enthusiasm for the Spanish brand that left SA shores after a brief sojourn last decade, you might want to know more about the new Ibiza Cupra that's just been revealed in production guise overseas.

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Seat says its latest hot hatch will pounce to 100 in less than seven seconds.

Very much a Polo GTI in a sportier dress, the Ibiza Cupra is shunted along by the 132kW/250Nm version of the VW Group's 1.4-litre twin-charged petrol engine. VW quotes a zero to 100km/h time of just 6.9 seconds and it shouldn't run out of steam before you hit 228km/h.

The engine is mated to a seven-speed DSG twin-clutch gearbox and to ensure it has the most stirring soundtrack possible, there is a unique sound actuator in the exhaust system that's said to create an “extra sporty” noise.

To keep the handling pin-sharp, the Cupra is fitted VW's XDS electronic differential lock and a set of bespoke 17-inch alloys.

The Ibiza Cupra is one of the icons of the Seat brand,” said Seat president James Muir. “Its stunning design and refined dynamics promise driving fun mile-for-mile. With its innovative technologies, upgraded interior and further improved quality, the new Ibiza CUPRA clearly shows how quickly and consistently our brand is continuing to develop.”

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