First pictures: Jaguar F-Type naked


These are the first images to reach the cybergarage of the Jaguar F-Type without its usual black-and-white camo suit - which, according to our fashion editor, makes it look like it's wearing its pyjamas in public.

The pictures are courtesy of spy photographer Chris Doane, although he insists that he didn't take them, saying merely, “Something interesting just popped up in my inbox...”.

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Compact F-Type should be a real drivers car.F-Type looks closer in size to a Mazda MX-5 than an XK.


Indeed the photos look very official, with their perfect poses and carefully co-ordinated backgrounds; a cynic might say the leak was from Jaguar itself, to rev up interest before the car's world premiere at the Paris motor show next week.

As expected, the front end looks very similar to the gorgeous C-X16 concept that we first saw at the 2011 Frankfurt motor show, although the rear treatment is unfamiliar, as all three cars are convertibles as opposed to the smoothly styled fastback roof of the coupé concept.

From the front it seems a little heavy in the haunches, but we'll take that under advisement until we've seen the F-Type from the rear - any and all J-Lo comparisons will wait until then.

Stay tuned for more information when Jaguar finally decides to make it all official.

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