405kW Range Rover Sport SVR announced


Whitley, UK - If you're the kind of Land Rover fan that shows more interest in land speed records than overland expeditions, then you'd better remember these three letters: SVR.

For now, though, the only real record will be an internal one as Range Rover Sport SVR prepares to hit the streets as the fastest and most agile Land Rover ever made.

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Still under camouflage for now, the 405kW Range Rover Sport SVR prototype will spawn a production model in 2015.The Range Rover Sport SRV promises to be the quickest and most agile Land Rover ever made.

Land Rover has just released pictures of the prototype of this high-performance Rangie ahead of the camouflaged beast's first public parade at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this coming weekend.

The prototype is set to make a few runs up the famous Goodwood Hill course as part of the 'First Glance' category and while the world will get to see how it runs and sounds, Land Rover is keeping most of its technical secrets under wraps for now - barring the 405kW power output.


It goes without saying, however, that the Rocket Rangie will be powered by the most potent version of Jaguar-Land Rover's 5-litre supercharged V8 petrol motor. Given that the current Range Rover Sport flagship, with 375kW on command, can sprint to 100km/h in 5.3 seconds, the SVR will surely post a comfortable sub-five.

The Range Rover Sport SVR is a creation of JLR's new Special Vehicle Operations team and the SVR badge will in future adorn other high-performance Range Rover models.

And it's a badge that will certainly garner street cred in pavement-hopping circles as Land Rover promises that: “All future SVR models will need to meet stringent key performance criteria in order to wear the SVR badge.”

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