German tuner pimps new Range Rover


For those wanting to sacrifice some of the latest Range Rover's stateliness for a sportier theme, Lumma Design has announced a raft of modifications for the body and they've also done some tinkering under the bonnet.

The CLR R body kit was designed by aerodynamic specialists and consists of a bold front bumper with integrated spoiler, redesigned grille, carbon bonnet, side skirts and a new back bumper with carbon diffuser.

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Lumma conversion includes body kit and 402kW engine conversion.

What's more, they've widened the wheel arches and filled them with a set of gigantic 22-inch CLR 22 Mono alloy wheels while a lowered suspension set-up keeps the big Rangie hunkered close to the ground.

It doesn't only look faster though.

Lumma aren't elaborating on what they've done to the engine, but they do boast about a power increase for the 5-litre supercharged V8 petrol engine.

Maximum power of the initial version goes up from 375kW to 402kW, and there are also plans afoot for a 418kW version. Upgrades for the diesel engines are also in the pipeline.

An interior upgrade with two-tone leather and various carbon and aluminium details will also be available when the Lumma kit goes on sale in Europe in April next year.

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