McChip serves up a 519kW SLS AMG


Mercedes-Benz' SLS AMG is a medium-sized two-door 2+2 with a 6.2-litre engine rated at 420kW and 650Nm, enough to make most drivers - even the most passionate - respectful, if not nervous.

For those with euros to burn and no nerves at all, however, German tuning haus McChip-DKR (sounds like a fast-food joint, doesn't it?) have put together a four-stage tuning package that we reckon will raise eyebrows even in Affalterbach.

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MK700 kit will boost your SLS AMG to 519kW, at a price, but it is not street-legal in Germany.Even the two-tone wrap will set you back R71 000.

Stage one is a supercharger kit. We're not kidding.

Stage two is an ECU upgrade, Stage three a Capristo exhaust system that looks like somebody stole the drainpipes from the Neuschwanstein Castle.

Taken together, they'll raise output to 500kW and peak torque to 770Nm.

And McChip will take an eye-watering €69 900 (R828 000) out of your bank account.

That's over and above the cost of the car itself, mind you, which costs €177 310 (R2.1 million) in Germany, including 19 percent VAT.

Stage four, at a further cost of €9099 (R108 000) is an even more aggressive mapping that delivers an outrageous 519kW and 793Nm - but it's for export only, as it's not street-legal in its native Germany.

Power, of course, is nothing without control.

So the Ferengi (look it up in your Star Trek manual) at McChip will happily invoice you another €12 999 (R154 000) for a KW DDC or HLS 4-sports adaptive suspension kit.

And, just to make your car look unmistakably non-standard, they'll apply a two-tone wrap for a trifling €5999 (R71 000).

We think they saw you coming; you can buy a 500-plus kilowatt car for a lot less than €275 307 (R3.26 million) - and get a factory warranty into the bargain.

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