Mini has released the first official photos of its Paceman coupe crossover and although its rear end is still taped up, the disguise is still thin enough for us to work out what what's going on beneath it.

Closely based on the Paceman concept car that was revealed in 2010, the production vehicle is a three-door version of the Mini Countryman crossover.

Not only will it offer the novelty of combining coupé and SUV styling elements, like the Range Rover Evoque does, but its rear end styling also marks a departure from the vertical taillight arrangement that's been characteristic of all Minis until now.

Instead, the Paceman's rear lights have a more rectangular shape. From the front, however, it closely resembles its Countryman sibling.

In Mini's own words, the Paceman is “powerful and agile, with a most exceptional take on MINI design - it's not a ride fit for wallflowers.”

On the engine front, the new Mini is likely to offer the full range of four-cylinder engines found in the Countryman, including the 155kW JCW motor. It will also be available with a choice between front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.