No, these are not Hollywood promo clips, this is real life surveillance footage of an official Nissan dealership in Moscow, showing what happened when a dissatisfied customer's frustration reached breaking point.

According to the preliminary police report, the customer dropped off his car for repair on 1 April. On 7 April, having been told the car had been fixed, he came back to fetch it.

But, even after hanging around for several hours, there was no sign of his car.

Finally, the customer “succumbed to emotions” (Moscow cops have a way with words) and went out into the car park, where he got into a Suzuki Grand Vitara and proceeded to (literally) gatecrash the showroom.

He kept on ramming the Vitara into the new Nissans on the showroom floor for a couple of (very expensive) minutes, practically destroying the entire showroom, until his anger finally ran out of steam.

And now he'll have to explain the whole thing to a Moscow magistrate. Click below to view the videos.