Renault's future EVs will go further


Paris - French auto giant Renault has signed an agreement with South Korean chemical firm LG Chem to jointly develop batteries for its electric cars.

“LG will develop new batteries for next-generation electric vehicles to be produced by Renault,” the spokesman said, declining to say whether the lithium ion batteries could be used for other vehicles.

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LG said the batteries would boost the travelling range of Renault's electric cars, addressing a key concern about the zero-emission vehicles touted as a potential solution to the exhaust gases that blight busy cities worldwide.

Bollore said the agreement would help Renault develop a diversified group of electric vehicles.

Renault currently offers four electric models - the Twizy urban car, the Zoe mini, the Kangoo Z.E. van and a family sedan, the Fluence Z.E.

The Renault-Nissan Alliance, formed with the Japanese automaker in 1999, has invested four billion euros in the research and development of electric cars and aims to become a world leader in the emerging market.

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