This is the first teaser shot Subaru has released of the 2015 Legacy sedan, due to premiere at the Chicago auto show on 6 February.

What the maker describes as “a sporty and modern sedan with a sleeker, more coupe-like profile, a more extreme windshield rake angle and narrower A-pillars than its predecessor”, is actually almost a dead ringer for the Legacy Concept shown at the Los Angeles auto show in November.

The light clusters - fore and aft - the bulge in the front fender over the front wheel, and the derivative c-pillar treatment, all match; the only difference we can spot is that the production version has simpler, plain black door mirrors, rather than the concept's body-coloured, mirrors with built-in indicator repeaters.

Subaru has revealed nothing so far about the drivetrain but, again referencing the concept, we can expect it to have a four-cylinder boxer engine (186kW two-litre with turbo or 129kW 2.5-litre without) driving all four wheels – of course – through a continuously variable transmission and symmetrical all-wheel drive.